Furniture Arrangement Tips For Your Living Room

Posted on: 4 August 2018


Arranging furniture may seem like an easy chore, but when you consider your windows, doors, and other furniture in the room, you could end up having some problems. Sure, you can just toss the furniture wherever you want, but to help make the room look put together and flow properly, you may need to put some thought into it. Read on for furniture arrangement tips to help guide you.

Measure Your Space

When you are thinking of where to put everything, always measure your space, especially if you're purchasing new furniture for your living room. You don't want to order furniture that isn't going to fit in your living room, or is too small for your space. Measure the space you have and also measure the furniture you are interested in purchasing.

Start With A Focal Point

Your living room furniture should have a focal point that the furniture is facing. Whether that is a fireplace, television, or a beautiful window, you should have a focal point. Once you have decided what you want your living room furniture facing, you can begin arranging your furniture.

Balance The Amount Of Furniture 

No matter what size room you have, don't add too much furniture or you'll end up with a jumbled mess. Balance the amount of furniture you have such as:

  • One full-sized couch and a love seat with three tables.
  • One full-sized couch, two arm chairs, one end table, and a coffee table.
  • One full-sized couch, two arm chairs, one chair, and an ottoman with one end table.

All of these setups will work in just about any living room. Balance your furniture, but use different sized pieces of furnishings to create interest and character to your space.

Add An Area Rug

Adding a rug to your living room space can help give your living room furniture a decorative look, while adding color and balance. Be sure the rug is large enough that your furniture is able to sit on the rug. A smaller rug will not do, it should fit beneath your living room arrangement or with the feet of your furniture touching the edges. 

When arranging your furniture, be sure to have a focal point, measure your furniture, and balance the amount of furniture you have in the space to prevent it from looking like a jumble of furniture. If you aren't sure how to arrange your furniture, talk to the discounted furniture store salesman for tips.