3 Tips For Buying A New Mattress When You Have A Pet Dog

Posted on: 6 April 2018


Purchasing a new mattress is often about what you find the most comfortable in your budget, but your preferences can differ greatly when you have a pet dog that likes to climb into bed. If you're eager to find a new mattress but are concerned about some of the wear that your dog can put on it, there are several things that you can look for.

Visiting a mattress retailer with the following tips in mind can help you find a mattress that will be a great fit for both you and your dog.

1. Look for Memory Foam for a Stable Bed

One of the best things to prioritize when checking out different materials for mattresses is memory foam. While you may be used to a soft plush or spring bed, memory foam can be fantastic for preventing weight distribution.

This means that if your dog were to suddenly get up or jump onto the bed, it's far less likely for your whole body to be moved as a result. This can help ensure that you get a good night sleep and that your dog shifting will sleeping will be a problem.

2. Make Sure a Mattress Cover is Included

Accidents can happen and dogs can be quite messy, making it important for you to take preventive measures for protecting the mattress. Getting a quality mattress cover for the new mattress can help ensure that the mattress won't be damaged due to your dog stepping onto it.

This is a vital thing to keep in mind when you want the mattress to be kept in the best condition possible. Some mattresses aren't easy to cover, making it important for you to look for mattress retailers that can include a mattress cover with your purchase.

3. Size Up if You Have a Large Breed Dog

When your dog is a larger breed, it's important that you're not fighting over space on your own bed. While you may be used to sleeping on a queen-size bed, this can be a challenge when you have a dog that is a larger breed. Looking for mattresses that are a bit larger than you may be used to can ensure that you aren't struggling with finding a space to lay down due to the mattress being too small.

Buying a mattress can come with some uncertainties if you often share your bed with your dog. Keeping the above tips in mind can make sure that you spend your money wisely and get a mattress that everyone will be comfortable with. For more information on finding queen-sized mattresses, contact your local mattress retailer.