Tips To Make Caring For Upholstery Easy

Posted on: 29 January 2018


It is common for individuals to own many pieces of upholstered furniture. While it may seem like there is little that can be done to protect these pieces of furniture against various types of damage, this is not entirely true. You may be able to greatly extend the usable life of your upholstered pieces of furniture by understanding the basics of caring for these items.

Protect The Fabric Against Wear And Tear

Minimizing the amount of wear and tear that your upholstery sustains is a key to extending its usable life. To this end, you may want to invest in an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable protective cover. This will often be a piece of fabric that can act to absorb much of the stress of everyday use. If you want to avoid covering your upholstery, you can opt for a fabric guard that will be sprayed on the upholstery.

Act Quickly To Clean Spills

Eventually, you may encounter a situation where something has been spilled on the upholstery. When this occurs, you will need to act quickly to clean up the spill before it can permanently stain the fabric. To clean the spill, you should use a damp cloth and a dabbing motion. You may also want to invest in a spot treatment laundry kit. While these kits are designed for use on clothing, they will be suitable for use on your upholstery, and they can make it easy to treat spills before their stains can set.

Avoid Letting Tears And Rips Grow

Tears and rips in the fabric of the upholstery can be another serious problem for these furniture items. When you notice that this type of damage has occurred, you will want to use a sewing kit to patch these damages promptly. Otherwise, the tears may greatly increase in size, which can drastically complicate the repair process. In fact, it can be possible for these tears to grow large enough to be impossible to be repaired. This can result in all of the upholstery needing to be replaced.

Minimize Exposure To Sunlight And High Humidity

Where you are keeping your upholstered items can be another important fact. When these items are placed close to areas where intense sunlight or humidity can be expected, the fabric may suffer rapid degradation. This can compromise the appearance of the item, along with its durability and comfort. By positioning your upholstered pieces of furniture away from windows and sources of moisture, you can minimize the effects of these hazards.

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