Playroom Ideas For Sleepovers

Posted on: 2 November 2017


Hosting sleepovers for your child's friends can mean more than a few sleeping bags on the floor of your living room. Here are a few fun ideas you can use in your child's playroom or bedroom to create a party everyone will enjoy.

Cozy Sleep Stations

Create cozy sleep stations for each child in attendance by purchasing several inexpensive twin mattresses. These mattresses can be stored in mattress covers in your basement or attic when not in use, and they can be arranged on the floor during the sleepover so each child gets a comfortable night's rest. Add soft jersey knit sheets and throw pillows to each bed, and use a crate or small plastic storage container as a night stand next to each mattress. This can be used to hold personal items or snacks during the sleepover.

Movie Viewing Station

If movies are on the activity list, consider purchasing bean bag chairs each child can use to sit comfortably during the movie. Look for chairs in bright colors for a bit of added fun, and use soft throw blankets in matching colors for a plush finishing touch. If you can't find bean bag chairs, you can arrange the mattresses you have for the sleeping stations in front of the television until movie night is over. Visit your local party supply store to find cardboard trays in fun colors, which can be filled with snacks and placed in front of each child's viewing spot.

Indoor Campground

Create a camping-themed sleepover party by purchasing pop-up tents for each child. Look for tents that are wide enough to fit the twin mattresses you've purchased, and decorate each tent with the name of the child it will belong to for the night. It's okay if the mattress doesn't fit inside the tent completely, as the extra space at the foot of the bed can be used as a cozy seating spot for story time at night. Add to the camping theme by adding an LED campfire to the center of the room, and arrange the tents around it. You can also serve s'mores and hot dogs to add to this theme even more.

Remember that the items you purchase for the sleepover, such as the cheap mattresses and bean bag chairs, can be used over and over again, making them smart investments for your home. These items can be used when out-of-town guests come to stay at your home or whenever your child wants to throw a fun sleepover party in his or her playroom or bedroom. Visit your local mattress store to find the items you need to make each of these options work for you.