5 Tips For Decorating A Condo Or Apartment

Posted on: 4 October 2017


Open up design magazines, and you'll see spread after spread of how to decorate your large house. However, what if you don't have a large house? Decorating your condo or apartment is just as important to you. What's more, the approach isn't the same as for large rooms. Decorate your condo or apartment with as much panache — and pride — as the owner of a large house.

Opt for Light-Looking Furniture

When space is at a premium, you want to keep furnishings looking light. This goes beyond pieces that are light in color. You also want furniture that presents an airy appearance. For example, look for sofas and tables that feature narrow legs. If you choose furniture with heavy bottoms, they can draw the eye down, which isn't ideal for petite rooms.

Invest in Versatile Furniture

Another important consideration when shopping for furniture is its use. Apartment Therapy recommends investing in versatile furniture. This can mean multi-use items, such as an ottoman with an interior storage compartment. As the site points out, this can also include items such as modular sofas that work well in different spaces. Not only does versatility make sense for renters, but it gives even condo owners the option to rearrange furniture at will.

Lay an Area Rug

An area rug can really tie a room's décor together. First of all, it creates a connection between the furniture pieces. Likewise, you can use the rug to add both color and pattern. An area rug can also create a layered feel to your décor, which gives your room a sophisticated appeal.

Design a Gallery Wall

Another way to add layering with your décor is by designing a gallery wall. This can consist of pictures and other wall art, or you can incorporate a shelf. The key to designing a gallery wall is to create a sense of cohesion either with a color palette or theme. For instance, you could create a beach-inspired display with seashells and driftwood on a shelf and beach pictures hung around the shelving. Conversely, you could hang a selection of different pictures and artwork all in frames adhering to a color scheme.

Hang Mirrors

Keeping the ambience bright and airy is essential in smaller spaces. Hanging mirrors can help you achieve this ambience and can also add visual space to your room. A good idea is to hang a mirror adjacent to or opposite of a window so it can reflect the natural light. A mirror can also be part of your gallery wall.

Use the right furniture as the centerpiece of your condo's stylish décor.