Empowering Your Reception Area With The Right Furniture

Posted on: 7 September 2017


Does your business need to keep up high-tech appearances? It doesn't make sense to sell networking, programming, or technical support services if your reception area looks and feels like an outdated and malfunctioning government office from the 1970's. To stay up to date while providing an experience that shouts technical superiority, here are a few reception area features to implement.

Reception Area Technical Control

The reception area is the first place that most guests will encounter while being introduced to your company. As a tech company, there's one thing that can bring comfort and confidence without making a single statement: internet.

Although many people are expected to have their own internet connection via mobile devices and a data plan, there are exceptions that could give you a chance to impress. Especially in rural areas with poor reception or in a building that blocks or dampens signals, wireless internet provided by the business is vital.

Your reception area needs to have its own signal distribution area. This could be as simple as adding an access point as an extension of the signal, but you need to maintain positive control of the equipment. Instead of placing the access point in a place where a mischievous new hire or thorough inspector could tamper to test your company's tech response, make sure to have a reception desk that can handle the equipment.

Access points are best placed in high areas without many obstacles. A close second option would be above the reception desk, but you'll want an easy way to manage cables and access the access point. A reception desk that has enough room for a few extension cords, desktop-sized support devices, and a seat for a maintenance person to use can enhance your reception area's technical control and support abilities without giving guests easy access to hardware.

Reception And Support All In One

To expand on technical control options, your business can thrive by having a help desk team the also works at the front desk. This is helpful for both guests and employees, as a few basic network issues can be handled at the front of the business.

Having an entry level or general task-handling support professionals at the help desk makes it easier for basic technical tasks to be clarified or reported. A ticket system is still necessary for documentation, but some small tasks are more easily handled with a few quick keystrokes. 

The reception area can also be used as a neat, secondary technical area. With a proper reception desk, a technical or maintenance team can keep some spare equipment in an area where most guests or employees who report problems will be located.

Instead of having to go back and forth between a tech shop and person reporting the issue, many basics can be accessed at the desk. This includes tools, supplies, and a basic administrative computer for certain network and user tasks.

The ideal reception desk will have cabinetry that can separate and isolate equipment. Good labeling and neat organization can help your business keep a large number of tech supplies in this backup maintenance area without interrupting the receptionist's job.

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