Spruce Up Your Living Space With A Sectional

Posted on: 12 August 2017


Bring something new to your living space with a sectional seating arrangement. These can be found widely in both contemporary and vintage styles, or you can DIY your own sectional in a number of clever ways. Think about how a sectional can increase seating and bring a distinct flair to your home's living room or common-area.

Some ways to spruce up your space with sectionals include:

Use your existing pieces. Create your own sectional with pieces that you already own, by pairing two couches, loveseats or chaises to comprise the seating arrangement that you are looking for. Simply line the two up and secure together with rope, clamps, or simply a single slip-cover. When merging two pieces, it makes sense to position or place the sectional against an interior or exterior wall for added support. 

Invest in twin-beds. It is easy to construct a sectional when you have a pair of twin-sized mattresses. For instance, a pallet sectional can be made from recycled pallets topped with mattresses and pillows; you may also use two mattresses in tandem on a floor for a simple and super-comfy sectional idea. Use body-pillows or cushions to create the back-rest of your sectional.

Start salvaging pallets. Speaking of pallet projects, there are many ways to construct a sectional from pallets. These may be used for both indoor and outdoor furnishings, but indoor sectionals can seem a bit large for smaller spaces. These are wonderfully-resilient and durable seating options for a patio, yard, or garden.

Re-work what you already have. If you happen to have an old indoor sectional that needs a bit of help, it is easy to transform it into an outdoor sectional using memory foam and upholstery fabric. Another way to re-work the sectional that you already own is with pillows. Choose unique, contrasting fabrics when making accent pillows or cushions to brighten-up your sectional.

Check out furniture sites, consignment stores, and thrift shops. Check out your sectional options at furniture websites, consignment sellers, and second-hand shops. Many nice pieces can be upcycled with simply a slip-cover and some new pillows, giving it a second-life in your home.

Want to give your living space an easy makeover? Bring in a sectional! Sectionals are perfect for accommodating large gatherings as well as providing the perfect place to lounge or host an overnight guest. Visit sites and sellers to find what you are looking for.