Furnishing A Small Guest Room: Four Tips

Posted on: 28 June 2017


Guest bedrooms are a part of your house that you may not use very often. As a result, you may not have ever focused on what kind of furniture to put in there; it may have older pieces and odds and ends from the rest of the house. When you're finally ready to upgrade your small guest room so it looks as good as the rest of the house, use the following advice to select appropriate furniture for the space.

Measure the Space and Pieces

You may think you can "eyeball it" when you choose furniture for your guest room. However, if the room is a small one, you can't afford incorrect guesses that could make the room seem even tinier. For that reason, know exactly how big the room is before you even shop. It's also smart to carry some measuring tape with you so you can be sure that any piece will fit without overwhelming the space.

Avoid Pieces That are Too Small

Just as you could get pieces that are too big for your small guest room, you could make the mistake of selecting pieces that aren't big enough. The little dresser you choose may not be enough room for all the clothing a guest may have; the tiny side table might not hold much other than a clock. When you go too small, the pieces seem inadequate and cannot perform as well as more appropriately-sized pieces, causing frustration.

Look for Double Duty Pieces

Because a visiting guest might have a lot of things with them when they arrive, their room should have ample storage. However, that isn't always easy to do in a small space. To give them more room, be on the lookout for different furniture pieces that serve two purposes. A small ottoman or cube can be used for both storage and seating, for instance. When shopping, focus first on the pieces that will perform double-duty before considering other ones.

Use Vertical Space

Another smart idea for furnishing your small room is to remember to use as much vertical space as possible to clear some space on the floor. Mounting flat screen televisions on the wall to eliminate the need for a bulky TV stand is one such idea. You can also use shelving around the room so that you can stack items.

With these suggestions, selecting furniture for a small guest bedroom is easier. You can be confident that the finished room will be comfortable for any guest that comes to your home.

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