Three Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Furniture For Your Small Law Firm

Posted on: 16 May 2017


Purchasing furniture for your new small law firm is exciting – you are finally going to be able to design your dream practice. Unfortunately, there are also a few major mistakes that could have you regretting some decisions later. By knowing what they are ahead of time, you can choose furniture that is just right for your firm.

#1: Thinking big is better

Many people have a visual of what a law firm should look like, which may include big, heavy wood desks, and other sophisticated trappings. If your firm is starting out in a small office, like many law firms tend to do, these large pieces will overwhelm the space and take up valuable square footage. Measure every part of the office twice, then select furniture that takes up no more than half of the available square footage. This way you will have plenty of open space to move through, plus the office will feel larger.

#2: Skimping on comfort

As a busy lawyer you may think most of your days will be spent in court, but that isn't necessarily the case. Depending on the type of law you practice, you may actually spend more time in your office. You also need to think of your support staff, who likely will spend most of their time in the office. For this reason, make sure the chairs and desks are comfortably and ergonomically sound so that you can avoid posture and repetitive stress injuries. Investing in higher quality furniture is also a good idea, since it is less likely to break down and become uncomfortable over time.

#3: Not considering the flow

The flow of a small law office is vital. Key furniture pieces you will need include desks, chairs, and filing systems. Make sure to choose designs that fit well into the space. One way to do this is to map out traffic patterns by using masking tape directly on the floor. This will then give you a better idea of desk and chair sizes, as well as styles to choose. For example, an L-shaped desk may work better than a longer desk, or you may want to opt for wall-mounted filing over floor models. Just keep in mind as you map out the space that privacy is also important to your clients, so you need to make sure client rooms and computer monitors are set up so that eavesdropping isn't a concern.

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