Tips For Adding Character To Your Dining Room

Posted on: 9 May 2017


The dining room can serve as a gathering place for family and friends. It may be a space just for meals, or the dining room may do double-duty as an office or for other tasks. No matter what, though, you want your dining room to showcase the unique character of your family and your house. Make over your dining room to add character.

Choose a Pedestal Table

One method that really delivers a lot of bang for your buck in making over the dining room is replacing the table. It is, after all, the centerpiece of the room. A pedestal table affords you numerous space and design options. For example, you could choose a square pedestal table. The square top with a square pedestal offers unique geometry. If, however, you choose a traditional round top with an ornate pedestal, you can give your dining room a more formal ambiance. As a boon, you and your guests don't have to work around table legs as you gather at the table. Contact companies like Black Carriage Furniture to see even more options for your kitchen table.

Try Track Lighting

Lighting is another focal area for dining room décor. Chandeliers and pendant lights are common fixtures for this room. You have modern, traditional, and even whimsical options for both types of lights. However, Home and Garden TV suggests giving track lighting a try. Track lighting works well for contemporary or creative décor because of its sleek lines. What's more, as the site points out, track lighting allows you to highlight desired parts of the room, such as your artwork.

Hang Artwork

Speaking of, your taste in artwork is unique to you. Therefore, using your dining room walls as a gallery is ideal for adding character to the space. Consider playing with proportion. For example, find an over-sized art piece and hang it on a smaller wall so it dominates the space. You can also choose several small art pieces and hang them together on a large wall. You're not just relegated to prints – you can mix your artwork with other wall pieces such as mirrors and plates. Try to stay within a theme, genre, or color scheme for the most cohesive look.

Add Color

On the topic of color, adding bright accents is another method for updating your dining room. You can add both color and pattern in your choice of seat cushions as well as wall art. However, look for other places to add color as well. For instance, choose a bright tray, and place a patterned vase or two on top for a unique centerpiece. You could also add a painted side table to the mix. Lampshades or even the lamps themselves are another place for adding color.

Give your dining room a unique character with a pedestal table, track lighting, artwork and bright colors.