Distinguish Your Home With Custom Woodwork And Furniture

Posted on: 13 March 2017


Nothing can distinguish your home like custom woodwork and furniture. One-of-a-kind fixtures can give your home individual style and class that is unmatched in other homes. Here are some ways that you can incorporate custom woodwork and furniture into your home:  

Wood Fixtures:  You can distinguish your home with custom wood fixtures that are usually made of porcelain or ceramic. Sinks, bathtubs, and shower enclosures can be custom designed and created in wood for an unusual addition to a kitchen or bathroom. Countertops and vanities that connect to these fixtures can also be made of the same wood for a unified look. All of these fixtures can be encased in acrylic resin to make them impervious to water. 

Convertible Fixtures:  Another way to customize your home is with convertible furniture fixtures. These fixtures include wall panels that can be opened to reveal a fold-out bed, cabinet doors that hide fold-out dining and work tables, and free-standing fixtures that contain fold-out tables and chairs. These convertible fixtures can transform your home to accommodate friends and guests and then completely disappear when no longer needed. Convertible fixtures are especially appropriate in small homes and residential offices. 

Carved Wood Furniture and Fixtures:  A unique carved wood front door is another way to customize your home. Carved subjects can include figures, trees, beasts, abstract designs, or local landscapes and scenes. You can also install hand-carved cabinet and cupboard doors in any room in your home. These one-of-a-kind carvings can be made by sculptors and installed by carpenters. Any room fixture can be hand carved such as crown molding, door and window casings, baseboards, and wall panels. 

Repurposed Materials:  Salvaged and reclaimed barn wood can be used for walls, cabinets, doors, and other furniture. Wooden farm and ranch water troughs can also be transformed into bathroom fixtures to give your home a rustic look. You can also incorporate carved stone and concrete wall fixtures from commercial buildings to add another dimension to your home. Look for unusual materials in antique stores, buildings that are being demolished, and even junk yards. 

Interior Columns:  Instead of using standard wood, concrete, or stone interior columns in your home, you can install actual tree trunks. Remove the bark from these tree trunks to make them smooth and easy to live with. Some branches can remain in the upper portions of these tree trunk columns to give your room an outdoor look and feel. These interior tree columns can work well in many settings including a contemporary city house or a rustic country home. 

You can build and install custom woodwork and furniture yourself or you can take your drawings and ideas to a talented carpenter who can bring your ideas to life. Once you start to transform your home with a carpenter that likes the challenge of creating custom woodwork and furniture, you will get many more ideas that will result in a truly distinctive and original home. For more information, talk to a professional like PLANTATION CRAFTSMAN.