Funky And Fun Furnishings To Transform A Space In Your Home

Posted on: 2 March 2017


If you have a space in the home that you don't know what to do with, consider transforming it into a fun living and lounging area for the whole family. Bring in some fun furnishings that will change the mood and theme of the room, while also adding a clever conversation piece that will give it a fun feel.

Some fun furnishings that can completely transform a space include:

Retro sectionals. Check out furniture stores for retro sectionals, which will provide plenty of seating in your new space. These are often found in bold colors and durable vinyl—perfect for family gatherings and parties.

Restaurant booths. Find an old-school booth from a restaurant, and use this to create a cool seating area for puzzles, games, and snacks. These are often found in area thrift shop and used furniture stores for a reasonable cost. These are also a great way to bring a nostalgic, vintage flair to your home.

Gargantuan bean bags. Grab a couple extra-big bean bag chairs for lounging in your space. These are inexpensive and super-comfortable. These will give the room a casual, laid-back style, which is perfect for kids and teens!

A Tiki-bar. Create a fun focal point with a tiki-bar in the corner of your room. Even if you don't imbibe, set this up for clever storage of games, books, or other family favorites. This will bring a party atmosphere to your space.

Inflatable furniture. Inflatable furniture is very inexpensive and quite durable. These can be easily moved, inflated, and deflated as necessary. Plus, these make an excellent spot for guests to sleep when staying over.

Wild wall coverings. Redo your walls with whimsical wall coverings. Give them a pop of interest with old metal signage, large murals, and unique paint treatments.

Soft and shaggy rugs. Curl-up on the floor with something soft and shaggy, like sheepskin or faux fur rugs. Choose bright, bold colors that will complement your décor and that are easy to launder and care for.

Recycled treasures. Add a few recycled treasures, repurposed in a unique way. For example, use a stack of luggage for a cool lamp table by adding a tray or top to the stack, or repurpose a suitcase for a cool pet bed in the corner of the room.

Check furniture stores like AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses to find these items that can transform a space in your home. Make the room more fun and comfy with these whimsical pieces, while turning it into a spot that your whole family will enjoy.