Furniture Trends Of 2015: Use Them For Inspiration When Refurnishing Your Bedroom

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Trends develop in home furnishings just as they do in fashion and technology. While you don’t want to decorate your bedroom in a trendy style you won’t love for at least a few years to come, looking at the latest trends in furnishing can help give you inspiration if you are having trouble choosing how to refurnish and redesign your bedroom. Here are a few of the biggest bedroom furnishing trends from 2015 to help inspire you to really change your bedroom design this time instead of only tweaking its look.  1. Mid-century Modern Now that it is well into the 2000s, mid-century designs are popular, as they can add a very comforting, nostalgic feel to a bedroom. The one place in your home that you want to feel coziest in is your bedroom, and its design should make you feel happy every time you enter it.  Throwback wall paper, such as paisley, has been a popular way to add mid-century feel to a room. Wallpaper itself is also a 2105 home design trend. Another great way to integrate mid-century design into your bedroom is by making an iconic chair a center of your design. Mid-century chairs that can work well in the bedroom include womb chairs, which are large, cozy lounge chairs, and egg chairs,  These chairs are retro yet modern enough that your investment will last for many years, and you can then keep them around when you decide to redecorate again in the future.  2. Bold Colors If you tend to stick to neutral colors when decorating, but you love a bold color, such as dark purple or teal, then another 2015 trend may inspire you. Bold-colors in decorating are very popular this year, and you can choose just one bold color to work around or a few that work well together. If you choose one main bold wall color, such as royal purple, you can then add furniture in a lighter purple tone to create a beautiful, monochromatic look. Or you can choose to mix-and-match bold colors instead, such as teal and bright yellow, or even black and white. If you pick two colors, then choose one for the walls and carpet and one for furniture. Then, tie the two colors together with patterned throw pillows and comforters that contain both of the colors.  3. Graphic Prints Graphic prints are also big in 2015, and these prints work well with bold color schemes. This year’s prints are very different from the subdued floral patterns or stripes that you may be used to seeing in bedrooms. Instead, they mix and match geometric shapes and patterns of many colors and sizes. If you are used to sticking to solid colors, then this trend can help you begin to think more out of the box with your designs and realize that you can have more fun with design.  When tying the bold colors of your bedroom together, find graphic printed throw pillows and bedroom rugs that contain them both colors. Since throw pillows are so affordable, you can replace them whenever you become bored with the designs you have and want to sample new ones.  4. Mixed Metal Decor Not only are metal accent pieces popular this year, such as metal vases and hanging wall art, but mixed metals are...

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3 Tips For Creating A Mad Men Style Living Room

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Mid-century modern furniture and décor is making a comeback, thanks in part to the style’s depictions in popular culture, like the hit television show Mad Men. However, you don’t have to live on a television set or a Hollywood studio to get this type of clean, retro look for your home. You just need to know what colors to use and what furniture to look for. If you’re planning on redecorating your living room, here are a few tips for picking colors, choosing furniture, and accessorizing that will give your home that retro style that you’ve been looking for. Your Color Palette Color is key to achieving the mid-century modern look. The colors that were commonly used in the 50s and 60s are strong and distinctive. Think of olives, golden yellows, and taupes, or cheery pastel blues and pinks. Choose the brighter colors if you want the room to lean more toward the earlier part of the era, or the earthy neutral colors if you’re enamored with the later part of the era. If you have a small living room, you may not want to pain all of the walls in a deep color like olive green – it can make the room seem too small and crowded. And even if you have plenty of space, painting three or four walls in turquoise might seem like a scary leap, and a bit overwhelming. Consider choosing one of these distinctive colors for an accent wall and painting the other walls in the room white, or a lighter, neutral color that matches your accent wall. This will give the room the right color scheme without making you feel like the walls are closing in and without overpowering the room. Your Furniture Style Whether you’re shopping for actual antique furniture or you’re trying to save money by buying new furniture made in the mid-century modern style, it’s important to understand the characteristics that make mid-century modern furniture pieces appealing and popular. If you’re looking for wood, look for furniture made from real wood like walnut, oak, rosewood, or teak, rather than furniture made from inexpensive pressed board. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of mid-century modern furniture doesn’t rely on wood at all. If you can find pieces made with manmade materials like fiberglass, Lucite, and Plexiglas, it will increase the authenticity of your look, and you’ll end up with some durable, long-lasting furniture, too. Look for clean lines, geometric shapes, and a sleek, sculpted look, combined with vivid colors. The furniture should be comfortable, but it may not necessarily look comfortable. A great example of this is the iconic egg chair. While the unusual oval shape might not look like the most comfortable piece of furniture, the upholstered interior is actually surprisingly cozy. Your Accessories The challenge of accessorizing in the mid-century modern style is bringing in the right amount of fun pieces without cluttering up the room. Keep in mind that mid-century modern is a somewhat minimalist design choice, so you don’t want to clutter the living room up with tchotchkes or trinkets. On the other hand, a few well-chosen pieces make the room fun and unique. Skip the matching set of lamps – retro style decorating tends to avoid the matched set look. Opt for a pendant light...

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